Client Testimonials

CompliantCare has been a dream, we’re thrilled,
our income has gone up A LOT!

Dr. Anik St.Martin
Longview, WA


Becoming a Chiropractic Physician was an altruistic move on my part . . . after years as an acute care RN, I wanted to get – and keep – people out of pain! Toward that goal, I had no idea how much of a businessperson I would need to become. As one of those people who 'doesn't do numbers', it wasn't long after graduation until it became very obvious I was in way over my head!

My next thought of “all I have to do is hire good help” brought its own conundrum. Do you know how many companies don't really know how to bill for chiropractic medicine?????? It took five companies (and all the grief and time involved in finding out how much each didn't know about chiropractic billing) to find Victoria Skoff and her wonderful CompliantCare. Now THIS company knows how to bill! Victoria knows how to code (what a concept!), how to submit the billing in such a way that it is instantly noticed, and how to get our bills PAID! Often, within two weeks we get a paid return on our insurance billing! And Victoria doesn't put up with discounting ... she will go after those pieces and parts! Not only does she go after them but she usually gets them paid, leading to a much stronger bottom line. On top of that, she is an excellent teacher and billing counselor.

This is a firm I have been able to trust. They earn every penny they charge ... and they charge less than I paid other firms. It has been a delight to have Victoria and CompliantCare at our helm. My improved sleep at nights allows me to recommend them HIGHLY!!

Call them today!

Sunny Kierstyn, RN DC
Eugene, OR