Compliance + Billing = CompliantCare, LLC
The CompliantCare Story

Business consultant and CompliantCare founder James Bowen, J.D., had spent years working with hundreds of small medical practices. He worked to improve corporate structure, institute proper accounting and documentation, and ensured compliance with health care and IRS regulations. This work resulted in more compliant, efficient and far more profitable offices.

James found in-house billing to be the source of many problems within providers’ offices. Incorrect coding, improper claim submission, lack of follow-up, and staffs’ inability or unwillingness to collect receivables resulted in practices not being properly and fully compensated.

When he considered the direct and indirect costs of office billing staff, office politics, and the reliance upon a single staff person, combined all this along with the current climate of medical audits (that are resulting in six-figure fines from non-compliant operations and billing), the need for a good, out-sourced billing service was made clear.

The problem he had was finding a professional, efficient, legally compliant service to recommend.  James looked for over two years for a service that understood the chiropractic practice, offered a layer of legal compliance oversight, and that cared more for the Docs than its own profit. He never found one that met his standards of excellence and caring. So he started his own – CompliantCare, LLC.

The first order of business was to find the best Biller and Coder in the business, who could also handle the business affairs. At the recommendation of several chiropractors for whom she had demonstrated her skills and dedication, he recruited Victoria M. Skoff to manage all company operations.

Ms Skoff is an accountant with 30 years of billing and collections experience for doctors. Among her most important assets is her will to see that her employer is protected. She has also been a Medical Assistant and Certified Medical Technician, so she knows the inner-office practices.

After three years of successful growth and happy clients, Jim agreed to sell CompliantCare to Victoria. After all, she had run it all along anyway, so it would remain the same, quality company. He remains the highest regarded chiropractic business consultant in the country, and his clients have the benefit of his vision of the effectiveness of out-sourced billing as part of his preferred business plan for practices.

Although Victoria is now the owner of CompliantCare, she and Jim are still closely associated and frequently share ideas. He earnestly continues to recommend her services.

Under Victoria’s management, the happy, helpful and highly qualified CompliantCare staff is also highly esteemed by the practices for whom they work. Naturally, she would not hire anyone but the best, and her management style is “hands-on”. After all, her precious personal reputation is at stake.