Compliance + Billing = CompliantCare<sup>®</sup>
The CompliantCare® Story

Business consultant and CompliantCare founder James Bowen, J.D. spent years advising small medical practices how to institute proper accounting, documentation, and compliance methods to meet health care and IRS regulations. This work resulted in efficient, compliant, more profitable practices.

It was during this time that Jim discovered in-house billing to be the source of many problems within providers' offices. Incorrect coding, improper claim submission, lack of follow-up, and staff inability to collect receivables resulted in services not being properly and fully compensated.

What became clear was that the combination of direct and indirect costs related to office billing staff, reliance upon a single staff person, and the increased risk of costly medical audits necessitated the need for a reputable billing service to which providers could outsource their billing.

After searching in vain for a professional, efficient, legally-compliant service to recommend - one that understoof the chriopractic practice, offered a layer of legal compliance oversight, and cared more for the doctors than its own profit - James started his own: CompliantCare.

The first order of business was to retain the best biller and coder in the business - one who had the necessary experience, skills and dedication to handle the business affairs of any practice. All indicators pointed to Victoria Skoff. An accountant with decades of billing and collections experience for doctors, Ms. Skoff was recruited to manage all company operations.

After three years of successful growth and satisfied clients, Jim agreed to sell CompliantCare to Victoria. After all, she had been responsible for the company's success and growth, and would continue her commitment to their customers. Victoria and Jim remained closely associated and frequently shared ideas. And under Victoria's management, the happy, helpful and highly qualified CompliantCare staff garnered one of the highest reputations in the business.

Sadly, in 2018 Victoria pased after a prolonged battle with cancer. Her son William, who for years benefited from working along side his mother, has taken the reigns and continues to carry forward the CompliantCare expertise, dedication, and quality of service that his mother grew and nutured.