CompliantCare, LLC provides billing services exclusively for Chiropractic offices, including physical therapy, massage and acupuncture.  We are dedicated to ensuring that our Providers are promptly paid for all insurance claims. Wherever possible, we advise them how to properly code to maximize income, while being vigilant to prevent compliance violations.  We also have staff specifically assigned to resolve denied claims and clean up accounts receivable.  We are a group of experts in the field, and are here to produce for our clients.

We offer the highest level of billing service to the chiropractic community. We ensure that you will be compensated fairly for your work while keeping a watchful eye out for compliance violations. Doctors can actually focus on healing patients again.

We collect an extremely high percentage of billed services – far in excess of the industry average. Our compensation depends upon what we collect, but our motivation to pursue every dollar owed is built into our business model, which is oriented to profiting and protecting our Clients.

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We offer the highest level of billing service to the medical community.